The Nature of Things – the Merlin Chronicles volume 191

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Av Rhuddem Gwelin. Pocket, 542 sidor. Del 1 i serien The Merlin Chronicles.


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Is magic dying?
In sixth century Britain the new religion Christianity wages war against the Druids and other people of nature, against magic itself. The persecution of sorcerers is ferocious.
Into these violent and dangerous times four children are born – Myrddin, Morrie, Arthur, Gwen. Their destiny is to come together only to be torn apart by love and fear. The kingdom of Caem Lw arises. On its throne are King Arthur and Queen Guinevere who transform a kingdom of aggression and oppression into a realm of prosperity and hope.
At their side is Myrddin Emrys, the greatest sorcerer the land has ever known. We know him as Merlin. This is the sweeping epic of the struggle for the survival of magic and the forces of nature against fanaticism and hatred.
Of the rise and fall of a king and queen and their realm.
Through it all – Merlin.
The man. The magician. The myth.



With so many versions of the Arthurian legend out there, you’d think you already know it all. However, this book uncovers so much more, in a depth that will make you fall for the characters, most of all for Merlin. I very much enjoyed the perspectives on Guinevere’s role, the equality of the round table and on the religions (the puzzlement of the pagans in Britain about the strange and cruel new Christian beliefs is wonderfully rendered).

If you’re the least interested in the Arthurian legend you should definitely read this book. If you like reading well written historical novels you need to read this book. If you enjoy a bit of magic in your books I’m sure you’ll like this book. So what are you waiting for? Just READ it! Okay?! ❤

Years ago I was an Arthurian legend junkie with a particular fondness for Merlin. Discovering this beautifully crafted book has inspired me to revisit this genre. However, before I revisit the old standards, I’m continuing on with the subsequent books in The Merlin Chronicles. Rhuddem’s storytelling skill and her ability to make the characters feel like long-lost friends has cast its own spell over me.

Rhuddem Gwelin knows her Merlin well, all aspects of him. Her novel is a colourful weft, drawing on many legends, all well researched and seamlessly combined into a coherent background for this truly enchanting tale.

Vilken bra bok den var! Den hade allt, äventyr, drama, spänning, övernaturlighet och även komedi. … Boken gick rakt in i hjärtat

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