The Lost Sunday

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Seriealbum av Ileana Surducan. Kartonnage, 64 sidor.

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Nina lives in a dusty town, haunted by the six angry wolves of the week — Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Each day brings never-ending chores and no-one can rest until they are done. Legend speaks of a seventh, kinder wolf, but everybody knows an evil witch stole it and keeps it locked away.
Nina has had enough, so she sets on an ambitious quest — go to the forgotten realms, vanquish the witch, bring back Sunday and enough free time for everyone.Inspired by old folklore, myths and tales, The Lost Sunday shines a magical light on a present-day problem: burnout and the quest for leisure.



“What a beautifully illustrated, magical fairy tale.”
– Anna
“A beautifully adapted story of Frau Holle, it reminds us how important it is to take a small break each day from work, so that we do not lose the sense of a meaningful, happy life.
As a productivity-freak, I can’t stop telling myself to take a break sometimes.”
– Colorita
“The Lost Sunday is a fairytale inspired comic book about working too much, told – or rather, beautifully drawn by the talented Ileana Surducan – through the lenses of old European stories. It has a familiar Michael Ende vibe, since this story is enriched by the age of the one that reads it. Children will enjoy the fantastic adventures of Nina, who is determined to give herself and her friends a well-deserved break. Grown-ups will remember Sundays and the countless benefits of pausing the frenzy of work for a moment. Children and grown-ups will discover a delightful cue to talk about balance in life.
The Lost Sunday has no villains and no dramatic challenges to overcome. It has complexity and a touch of selfishness and a glimpse of righteousness, perhaps, but no wretchedness whatsoever. I especially like the delightful and heartwarming ending. It turns out that we often overwork ourselves willingly. That we glorify exhaustion and scare away any rest. But it is never too late for a change in perspective, a deep breath, and a well-deserved break.”
– Laura

Om författaren

Ileana Surducan is an Eisner nominated Romanian artist who works as a freelancer in the fields of illustration, comics and ceramics. She enjoys telling stories that mingle the everyday life with a fantasy world, and believes that art is a game in which a touch of humour is indispensable – after all, people need the courage to not take themselves too seriously.

She has published picture-books, graphic novels and comics anthologies.



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